Local Store Front Project- Lilise Designer Resale

April 22, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Do you ever feel like some years just aren't your year? I'd say we might all be feeling like that right now. What ways do you try and stay positive? What ways do you try and live for the moment and not stress about the past or future? I think what's working for many people right now is humor, community, and creativity. If you can try and incorporate some of this into your day right now, see if it helps! 

One local shop owner who I feel is doing a great job at this is Elyssa. She's had a tough year as a business owner, between a flood in her store that has caused her to temporarily have to move her shop. to a few months later she had to close her doors for the Stay at Home orders. But how is she handling all this? If you ask me, it's with a smile on her face! She exudes fun, and a fighting spirit in her. Her posts are always positive and her live videos keep you smiling. For more information on how to keep up with her or support her business during this time, see her message below! 

"We miss all of our customers at Lilise Designer Resale so much! Coming in person to LDR for some inspiration, a new treasure, and a chat is really what makes us special. Between the flood in December and now this... it’s been tough to go without seeing the familiar faces we’re used to! In the meantime, you can keep in touch with us on Instagram and Facebook where we are posting items for sale daily and doing live-streams Wednesdays and Saturdays at 3pm! Check out our hashtag: #couchsaleswithLDR to shop at LDR online! We’d like to thank our amazing and loyal customers and the local business community for sticking with us through the last 3.5 years and we can’t wait to see you all back in the shop! Feel free to tag us wearing your LDR pieces by using hashtag #shopatLDR! Thank you all!"


Local Store Front Project-True Brew Barista

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The reason I started this project was for my love of Concord. The reason I'm proud to do this project is that I get the chance to meet all the wonderful owners of the places you may know and love. I'm getting to see their dedication to the community, to their customers, and I'm getting to know a little bit about them and how they're helping right now. 

It was an honor being able to photograph Stephanie from True Brew. She doesn't typically share this with her customers but aside from owning the cafe's she works for the Clinical Care unit at the Eliot Hospital. Which means, although her cafe's are closed, she is busy working through this! Working for US! 

We chose to show the diverse ways she's getting through this time. Through meditation, new recipes for the cafe, including her home-made kombucha and being the amazing health care worker that she is. I'd like to take this opportunity to speak for all of the Concord and NH community and say, THANK YOU! 

Here is the message Stephanie wanted to share with you all. 

"When Rob and I (Stephanie) first opened True Brew we had no idea how welcoming the community would be. Customers became friends, and friends became customers. During these difficult times it's hard not to see you all! We will be here waiting for you when this is over. In the meantime we are working on new products and getting back to basics. I am doing my part helping to take care of those affected by COVID-19. Stay Home, Stay Safe, we will see you very soon!"

Follow them at Truebrewbarista -Instagram

True Brew Barista and Cafe- Facebook 





Local Store Front Project- Root Up

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If the stay at home orders, the news, the pandemic, and lack of connection have you feeling anxious, there is a wonderful shop in town that focuses on helping you feel grounded. You can still find your support group virtually during this time. Do not hesitate to reach out to friends, loved ones, or professionals to help you find comfort, peace, and relaxation during these times of uncertainty. 

"Root Up! Was formed through like minded and nature inspired souls who have a passion for educating those with an interest in the metaphysical and holistic realms. We provide tools and classes to bring your mind and body back to homeostasis. In todays fast paced and ever evolving world of hustle and bustle, during this historic, worldwide pandemic crisis that we are all experiencing, Root up! and it's staff offer online support groups to assist in stresses and anxieties that have turned our lives inside out. We include a mediation and can arrange a one-to-one video conference for remote cleansing's and readings. We also offer curbside pickup of our handmade products. We have freshly made natural candles that were just created! Contact us at:603-848-2703

or rootupconcord.com

We are here for you! "

Featured in the photo is my dear friend and shop owner, Pam. 

She has been a long time stylist. She wants everyone at home to Root up! But Leave your Roots alone! Be patient and wait for your beauty professional to re-open. Instead she offers virtual readings and support to get you through this time! 

So put the scissors down and head on over to @rootupconcord on Facebook and Instagram. 

Together, We've got this! 


Local Store Front Project- Salon Envy

April 19, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

If there's one thing I think we can all agree on its how much we miss our beauty experts! I myself could really use a few appointments!! (Send help) 

Paula and Courtney are missing their clients and this message from Paula was so beautifully stated, that I don't think it needs any further explanation. 

"Tucked quietly within the confines of Eagle Square is a hair salon. Paula Blais, owner, master stylist, and certified colorist has been in the business of hair for over three decades.
Salon Envy opened it's doors in the fall of 2011 with a desire to give each guest a memorable and satisfying experience.
We are always learning, striving to be better and steadily evolving into a strong culture of creativity, positivity, and professionalism. We offer our guests a unique experience as well as membership programs which has provided us with a broad and loyal fan base.
We have been through many changes over the 8 and 1/2 years of service to our community. Change is inevitable. We can't escape it. But this unforseen pandemic is by far the kind of change that has blindsided us all.
Never have I ever thought that a day would come where I would be restricted from performing my craft. Currently, I look for other creative outlets at home to keep me from going stir crazy. But I have solace in knowing that every day that passes is another day closer to when I and my staff will be back in the salon, in a happy place where we can create beauty again.Other than spending time with my family, there's no other place I'd rather be.  The relationships I have built, the lives I have touched, and those that have touched mine, are the sole reasons I continue to be a part of this industry. I truly believe that this is what I was born to do.
Courtney and I miss you terribly! We are ready to make a fresh start as we've been busy learning new techniques and industry secrets with some very notable beauty industry leaders. We are so excited to start implementing them. And it goes without saying that we hope you are staying safe and we look forward to getting you back in the chair! 

PS. Be prepared for hugs!"
Paula S Blais

Follow along at- SalonenvyNH 

Facebook- Salonenvyconcord 


Local Store Front Project- Who Doesn't Want That

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For many who are faced with the Stay at Home orders you may be finding yourself bored, or struggling some days. Laughter, is the best medicine they say right? Who Doesn't Want That Opened on October 12, 2019 and though they had to close on March 20th. They are still offering their humorous and catchy phrases online! 

To quote their website. "Who Doesn't Want That is a shop that has cool and unique things! If you want custom shirts, bags, mugs or anything else, we do it here! No minimums, no set up, no other crazy costs. You want one shirt, you got it!

Currently they're online store has t-shirts that say Quarantine AF. And if you're like most of America and have binge watched Joe King, they have shirts for that too! 

Head on over today and check them out! It's sure to bring some humor to your morning and you may even find the perfect gift to cheer someone up right now! 

Shop Owner Paulette had this to say to her loyal customers, 

"Thank you for all the support and love. This is a mere hiccup and we will all get through it together. I will be waiting with open arms to welcome you back to Who Doesn't Want That <3".

Waiting is the Hardest Part! But we're all waiting together. Stay well and healthy all!


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