Local Store Front Project- Red River Theatres

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Today just might be the last post for the Local Store Front Project and I just want to take the time to say Thank you. Thank you to those who have read each and every post and followed my project! Thank you to the business owners who took the time out of their day to allow me to photograph them. Thank you to all the Concord Community customers out there. I hope these posts inspired you to go and check out the online stores, menu's, and social media pages of these wonderful and one of a kind small businesses. If I don't get anymore businesses just know that I am rooting for all of you to make it through this. I am eager, like so many, to walk back in your stores, to shop, to dine, to sing (whether you like it or not) and enjoy the company, noise, pride and compassion our community shares together. 

Until then, here's today's, potentially last feature. Red River Theatre! 

According to their website,
"Founding volunteers named the organization after “Red River,” a classic, 1948 Western starring John Wayne, in which the lead characters undertake an epic, nearly impossible, but ultimately successful, journey. The name seemed suitable to the challenge the community faced in creating an arthouse cinema from scratch in the state capital."

"The theater’s mission is “to present film and the discussion of film as a way to entertain, broaden horizons and deepen appreciation of life for audiences of all ages.” To that end, Red River offers a diverse program of newly-released films, classic films, film discussions, family events, and cult favorites. Conversation and civic engagement are at the heart of what makes Red River so popular in the community and so important to the New Hampshire cultural scene."

You can still enjoy film, by streaming right from home, and discussion by joining the Red River Theatre's social media pages! Take advantage of these trying times and enjoy being able to create your own theatre at home. Make popcorn, purchase your movie "ticket" and sit back and enjoy the show! 

Julie (Marketing Manager) and Angie (Executive Director) have this to say to their fans and community! 

"We miss having everyone here at the theater, but thanks to you, our friends and fans, the Red River Theatres community spirit is thriving from afar! Check out our Virtual Cinema, full of films you can stream at home, at redrivertheatres.org, and join us on social media (@red_river_theatres) for film news, activities and contests. To support the theater, you can also become a member or make a donation at our website. Thanks so much for being part of Red River, and we're looking forward to welcoming you back soon! #yourindiecinema #redrivertheatres #redriverNH"


Just Keeping Swimming All! We will get through this! 

Local Store Front Project- Brown Bag Deli

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Downtown Concord has come a long way over the years. Once known as the sleepy town, in 2014 downtown was revamped with wider side walks new lighting, public art, and gathering places. Year round there's events to keep the local community shopping, enjoying live music, dancing in the streets, and loving the capital city! 

During the week days the local restaurants and cafe's thrive off of the work force individuals. Before heading to work they prepare their mornings by stopping into their favorite coffee shop and at lunch they head to their favorite deli, salad shop, co-op and more! 

Todays feature says it all in the name. A small deli that's perfect for grabbing that breakfast or lunch on the go so you can either get back to the office, or back to your day! 

"The Brown Bag Deli is a local family owned Deli located in Concord, NH. We are located across from the State Capital. We are your familiar lunch spot with many regulars and yummy sandwiches. We have specials daily with a large selection of breads to choose from. Come grab breakfast or lunch with the majority of our meals and a drink under $10.

Our wide selection of sandwiches is a constant favorite among our customers. We pride ourselves on only carrying the highest-quality products."


For now they are offering take out. 

Head on over to their Facebook today to follow them, call them, or stop over to order and say hello! 


Local Store Front Project- Crust and Crumb

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One of the first things that started selling out during the announcement of the pandemic and the stay at home orders was flour and yeast. Two major ingredients to make bread. Bread for sandwiches, bread to go with pasta, that perfect avocado toast. Either way, its clear many us want to make sure we do not run out of that delicious carb. 

If you don't have flour or yeast or any desire to use this time to become a baker, allow your local baker to take care of that for you! 

Skip the mess in the kitchen and order cookies, pies, breads and more from Crust and Crumb! 

"Starting out at local farmers markets, The Crust and Crumb grew great relationships with local producers and growers which allows us to make amazing food from locally sourced ingredients.  As the first (and currently only) Certified Local bakery in New Hampshire with The Farm to Restaurant Connection, we are proud to be part of such an amazing community.  

Because we make everything from scratch and by hand, we're able to customize orders and make things especially for you.  Have a hankering for something?  Give us a call, we'll do what we can to help you out. Maybe you just really wanted a key lime pie, we probably don't have one in the case, but give us a little time and we'll make one for you. It'll be made the old fashioned way, with homemade graham cracker crust (we actually make the graham crackers ourselves) and real key lime juice."

They are offering pick up and delivery to your car or your home!  If you are in search of those staples, flour, sugar, yeast, even toilet paper! You can order these through Crust and Crumb! But trust me, after smelling their bakery, you best let them do the baking. 

Shop Local and Be well! 



Local Store Front Project- Tandys Top Shelf

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This post hits a little close to home. I chose to do this project because I love my town and I can't wait to see it thrive again! I love the friends I've made and all the work downtown has done to make this a community you enjoy walking around. You enjoy having that dinner at. You enjoy the annual events, theatre, plays, live music and more. Today I'm featuring Tandy's Top Shelf. The place I found my "family". The karaoke family. The Market days Tandys Idol is something so many people in Concord look forward to every year. Contestants practice and perform for three months in an effort to place in the top 3 during Market Days weekend, singing to a crowd in an outside "auditorium". Singing and dancing while Tandy's Top Shelf whips up your drinks and food on a large outdoor patio. A patio built by a wonderful man and someone I looked up to, Brian, who passed earlier this year. 

I'm eager and I'm sure many of you are to sit on deck, or a patio, either at your home or at a local restaurant. I hope to see all the faces I've come to know downtown enjoying the sun, live music, and a great meal. Take this time seriously and be safe so that we can! 

Until then Greg and his team at Tandy's are still making great meals to go for you! 

"Lunch, or Dinner
It’s always good at Tandy's"

"Time flies, and an hour is never long enough when it comes to happy hour. That’s why we choose to bend time a little. At Tandy’s, happy hour extends from 2pm to 10pm, every day. With delicious specials and plenty of seating to go around, Tandy’s has quickly become a lunch and dinner destination of choice for the Concord area.

But we don’t draw the line at great prices and a large menu with plenty of fantastic options. With nightly entertainment ranging from weekly open mics and karaoke, to live DJ’s and dancing, Tandy’s has quickly become Concord’s destination of choice for anyone that’s looking for a good time. 

We’re open every day of the week, with events happening all the time. 

We look forward to seeing you!"

For now. Call 603-856-7614 to place a to go order! They are featuring weekly specials on meals and drinks. 


Local Store Front Project- Lithermen's Brewery

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While the stay at home orders may have many of us having a roller coaster of emotions, I think we can all appreciate how creative the businesses have been in order to still deliver us the things we love, and the "essentials". Those essentials just might include, the refreshing, cold sip of an IPA, Pale ale, wine, or whatever your tastes buds delight in. Never in a million years did I think you could order an alcoholic beverage with your take out order. When I think of all the parents at home with their kids getting a handle on the virtual learning, I chuckle cause I bet they are thanking God that they can order that bottle with their kids burgers and fries! But If I can get serious for a little bit. The virus and Stay at Home orders are a big hit to not only the economy but local small business and charitable efforts. Today's feature is Lithermans Limited Brewery. Many breweries are known for coming up with special brews and can's specific to a charitable cause, where the proceeds go towards that said charity. Lithermans owner, Michael was looking forward to a 4 day event that was going to help  NH Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. It's a scary time right now for those who have to stay home with an abuser. Here's what their Facebook Post had to say. 

"We had planned a four-day celebration THIS weekend to benefit the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Unfortunately, it's being rescheduled. Their services are needed more than ever. If you can, please go and donate:" https://www.nhcadsv.org/iwillsurvive.html

The Beer is called. I WILL SURVIVE. If you'd like to show support by purchasing the special can they released for the beer here is their website. Or as their event poster said. "Help yourself to one, and help somebody else." https://lithermans.beer
@lithermans_ltd   Facebook- Lithermans Limited Brewery 

Many of their selections are sold in the local restaurants so feel free to ask which Lithermans cans they have available the next time you place an order! 

Here's a little history on the company.

"It all started just like the universe - with music. Doc Jones and MHP were stuck in the same Orange box for different reasons, found themselves comparing notes on NoFX's "White Trash, Two Heebs, and A Bean," and decided to finish the conversation over a pint. One thing led to another, and pretty soon they were recording tracks together. That was the beginning of 'Lithermans Load'. A Litherman's Load is an archaic phrase for carrying too much at once. It is like returning from the grocery store with a car full of stuff, and instead of making several sensible trips you attempt to carry it all in one load. You trip on the cat and the steps, you fight with the keys, the bags rip... these silly boys thought that by recording a few times a month they were carrying too much. This continued for several years and a few dozen tracks. Eventually, making beer replaced making music, and Lithermans Limited homebrewery was born. Soon enough, the entrepreneurial bug bit, and they started writing a business plan. That was almost a decade ago. Lithermans opened its doors 4 years ago, and has focused on brewing musical spins on classic styles, with a heavy emphasis on IPAs and kettle sours. Cheers!"



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